Medicine and Pharmacy


Complete laboratory equipping, the factory for water processing “VODOVOD” – Krusevac, Health Centre “NOVI PAZAR”. In the design and making equipment for needs of food industry, we have produced transport systems for “VODA VRNJCI” – Vrnjacka Banja and spare parts made of stainless steel for the needs of “RUBIN” – Krusevac, “ORAHOVAC” – Orahovac, “SLOGA” – Trstenik and others.

Supplying of the pathology unit with a complete equipment and devices- Health Centre “STUDENICA” – Kraljevo, Health Centre “KRUSEVAC”, Health Centre “NOVI PAZAR”.


In making equipment for pharmaceutical industry, a complete equipping of metal accessories.

  • All production units and space for shelf storage in Vrsac, and complete equipping of the unit in Obminsk in Russia, for the needs of “HEMOFARM” – Vrsac.
  • Equipping of metal accessories in the unit in Leskovac for the needs of “ZDRAVLJE” – leskovac.
  • Equipping of metal accessories in the hospital in Vrsac for the needs of Health Centre “VRSAC”- Vrsac.


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