3D Molding

The firm Metalotitan has expanded its expert team with the young engineers who can also provide together with the existing assortment and quality 3D molding and a complete technical documentation of the products.

Metalotitan in cooperation with the design bureau PZM engineering, offers all services of design, constructing and making complete devices for protecting coating of metals and wood, as well as driers for drying fruit, vegetables, forest fruitage and other raw materials.


  • Preparation of material before painting
    - washing machines of transitory and chamber types
    - devices for sand blasting
    - cabins for washing parts by hot water pressure and detergent
    - trays for dipping (electroplate)
  • Devices for paint application
    - cabins for application of paint with water and dry cleaning of air, manual and automatic
    - cabins for application of powder (plasticization)
    - combine cabins for painting and drying ( cars, machines, locomotive painting, etc.)
  • Devices for drying, paint baking
    - all kinds of driers and oven drying, paint baking, of transitory and chamber types. Heating with oil, gas, aerated water, hot water, electricity.
  • Devices for work piece transport
    - all kinds of pendent circular conveyors
    - conveyor belts
    - transport rollers
  • Devices for commanding
    - el control cabinets
  • Supporting equipment
    - zones for stabilization, cooling and vacuuming
    - devices for heating and ventilation of halls
    - air conditioners
    - cleaning of effluent and gases (gas recuperation)
  • Driers
    - for fruit and vegetables
    - for forest fruitage
    - for mushrooms
    - for medicinal herbs
    - the way of heating driers:
    - light fuel oil (oil)
    - all kinds of gases (natural gas, propane, butane)
    - aerated water, hot water, thermal oil
    - electricity


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