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“Metalotitan” was established in Vrnjacka Banja in 1986 as a specialized producer of process equipment, machines, devices and tools made of acid-resistant stainless steel, fireproof stainless steel and titanium.

At first the manufacturing programme was based on making special spare parts for giant industrial systems like: “ZASTAVA AUTOMOBILI” and “ZASTAVA KAMIONI” Kragujevac, “14.OKTOBAR” – Krusevac, “PPT” – Trstenik, “MTS” – Smederevo, “RUBIN” – Krusevac, “EI” – Nis, “ORAHOVAC” – Orahovac, “MAGNOHROM” – Kraljevo, “SIMPO” – Vranje, “PRVI PARTIZAN” – Uzice, “FDS” – Sarajevo,”UNIS” – Sarajevo, “RZ HADZICI” and others.

When previously stated systems started to decrease production volume, and consequently their needs for spare parts, we had to, due to the market demands and our long lasting experience in process industry, focus on making equipment: in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, equipment for processing of milk and catering, as well as lines of ultrasonic cleaning.

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